This website is dedicated to informing the world about the tragic murder of Mahsa Amini and how it sparked a widespread global uprising against the tyrannies of the Islamic Regime in Iran.

Who is Mahsa?

In simple words, Mahsa Amini was an innocent 22-year-old girl living in Iran who was brutally murdered by the so-called “Morality Police” of the Islamic regime on September 16th, 2022, during her short vacation trip from Saghez to Tehran with her brother.

Typically, the hijab police, a.k.a “morality police” in Iran is obligated to report and arrest any women wearing outfits deemed inappropriate based on arbitrary and subjective measures. People who resist arrests even in the slightest form are typically abused physically and verbally.


Similarly, Mahsa who was arrested by the hijab police was mercilessly beaten causing severe head and chest trauma leading to a coma and her subsequent tragic death. Mahsa was merely beaten and killed for her outfit not in-lining with the strict dress code imposed by the government. After this brutal and gruesome murder, the authorities remained silent, some even denying any form of abuse towards Mahsa; only through leaked medical imaging evidence, the true crime against Mahsa became apparent to the public.

Take My Hand

Mahsa’s death ignited the outburst of Iranians’ chronic resentment towards the government in the form of nationwide protests and riots. Since the establishment of the Islamic Regime in 1979, Iranian people have been deprived of their basic human rights and have suffered all types of discrimination, oppression, brutality, mass murder, censorship, and violation of freedom of speech. Mahsa’s death has acted as the last straw after a 44-year chain of injustice.

The bravery of the people, standing up to the vicious IRGC guards and officers has sparked hope after many years of living in fear and despair. Simultaneously, social media users have started a campaign in Mahsa’s name using the hashtag #مهسا_امینی, and so far the hashtag has been used 80 million times mainly on the social media app Twitter, breaking the all-time record for the most used hashtag in the world.

say her name

The Islamic Republic regime has also imposed heavy restrictions on internet access and has a history of inflicting internet blackouts during protest periods to prevent the stories of their horrific crimes from spreading globally. The last time such a coordinated movement was formed in Iran was in November of 2019, known as the “Aban protests” when the Islamic regime shut down the internet and mass murdered more than 1500 innocent people in just a few days.
Human rights activists fear the same catastrophe from recurring in the following days. Now we are urging global support and demand international awareness. Please be our voice, and do not let the brutal Islamic regime conduct another massacre.



These are just a few victims of Islamic Republic

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Killed in Nowshar

Shot in the head

Behnam Layeghpour

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Hadis Najafi

Killed in Karaj

6 Shots in the head

Mehrdad Behnam Asl

Killed in Dehdasht

Shot in the head

Milad Zare

Killed in Babol

Shot in the head

Farjad Darvishi

Killed in Kordestan

Shot in the head

Ghazaleh Chalavi

Killed in Amol

Shot in the head

Minoo Majidi

Killed in Kermanshah

Shot in the head