Photo: REUTERS/Christian Mang

Berlin Rally in support of Iran’s ongoing protests:

Last Saturday, Iranians around the world gathered in Berlin to show their solidarity with the brave people of Iran who are demanding regime change in the country. Some say it was the biggest rally held by the Iranian diaspora; we like to believe that it was amongst one of the biggest rallies in the world in support of a motherland.

With between 80,000 to 100,000 participants, based on reports by Berlin police, people gathered to enhance the voices inside of Iran that is being brutally silenced by the Islamic Republic regime.

In weeks leading up to the event, Iranians from all around Europe, the USA, and Canada, planned to make a trip to Berlin. From raising funds to renting buses and organizing accommodations for participants, the Berlin Rally became a team effort worthy of its place in history.

The death of Mahsa Amini, the 22-year-old Kurdish woman who died in the custody of the so-called “morality police,” has sparked a nationwide uprising in Iran that has spread around the globe. Protestors have been subjected to unbelievable brutality from the government. The tactics they use to suppress the freedom outcry are beyond imagination.

On October 22nd, Berlin Rally participants demanded more Western sanctions against Iran’s government, mainly its Revolutionary Guard, which is at the forefront of suppression. They also called on G7 to throw out Iranian diplomats from their capitals.

Why Berlin?

Choosing Berlin was a genius move. The city became the symbol of resistance during World War 2. The Battle of Berlin was the final major conflict in Europe, and the outcome saw the end of Nazi Germany and its leadership.

In 1989 and with the fall of the wall, Berlin became the symbol of freedom. Eastern and Western citizens reached out over the ruins at their feet to hold each other’s hands.

On Oct 22, and 33 years after the wall tumbled down, the Iranian diaspora gathered in this beautiful and inspiring city in solidarity with their sisters and brothers who are asking for their most basic human rights. Putting aside all political differences, driven by 43 years of division and conspiracy, we held each other’s hands in unity.
Choosing Berlin was a genius move, and we are grateful to its great citizens for allowing us to be there.