We, the Collective Consciousness of Iran, are here to stand in solidarity with our sisters and brothers who are risking their lives on the streets of Iran and chanting “death to the dictator”, demanding that they do not want the Islamic regime anymore.

Mahsa Amini has become the symbol of our protest. She was brutally murdered because of a mandatory dress code and simply because she was a woman. The 22-year-old’s murder has triggered the trauma that a nation of 80 million has suffered for the past four decades. Her murder was the last straw after a consistent chain of injustice people face on a daily basis, as we all have a story to tell about the government’s violence, oppression, discrimination, corruption, and violation of our basic human rights.

Ever since Mahsa’s tragic death, Iranian protesters who have been rightfully chanting for and demanding freedom have been exposed to relentless violence, including but not limited to gunshots, physical violence, arrests, imprisonment, and torture. The regime has also blocked its citizens’ access to the country’s already censored internet in an attempt to silence their voices; to prevent the horrific story of their oppression in their own country from spreading to the world.

But we will not allow this.

We will raise our voices and invite you to raise yours as well.

What must be done:

  1. The Islamic Regime must be condemned for all its inhuman crimes, violence, and injustice.
  2. We must urge governments outside Iran to stop supporting and hosting the personnel of the Islamic Republic in their countries as they are not representatives of the Iranian population. 

  3. Help amplify our voice: we ask social media companies to help the people circumvent censorship and call on their help to provide the infrastructure for free internet access in Iran. 

Create online petitions, raise awareness, and contribute to credible Iran-focused human rights organizations.


The Collective Consciousness of Iran